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For Hybrid Events

Event Professionals love to inspire and create a memorable experience

The challenges faced in the last two years have severely impacted the in-person events industry to the core, with cancellations and loss of revenue sending ripples throughout.

While events moved to an on-line delivery method, it became apparent very quickly that both inspirational and memorable experiences where a bit challenging with:

  • Sustained use of web cameras as a presentation method lack audience empathy

  • Replicating the humanity of a live event is impossible

  • Reduced attendee engagement and sponsor value severely impacted revenue

However, when event teams draw inspiration from the broadcast industry, it is not only possible to maintain engagement and sponsor value, it is also possible to create entirely new experiences which result in the streamed version of an event not only be to be engaging but also financially sustainable.

The key benefits of a broadcast event programme are:
  • Building broadcast ready virtual studios at the event venue

  • Speakers availability for both in-person and streaming

  • Creating specific broadcast level content and show flow

  • Adding Sponsor value with: sponsored sessions, short form ads, CGI product placement, branded studios, sponsored ticker tape to name a few

  • Online attendees, who typically can't attend a live event for cost or travel reasons, can experience an event at low cost, but in high numbers

  • Sponsor value at the in-person event can be focused on their key stakeholders, rather than the 'masses'

Who can use VP at Events:
  • Event Show Publishers who to grow their on-line base and add value for sponsors

  • Event Venues wish to offer additional turn-key service

  • Company Event Owners looking to differentiate themselves from the competition

  • AV companies looking to invest in their on-line streaming capabilities

  • Event Agencies who recognise that an increase in services will add value to their customers output

  • Event Sponsors who have stand space to create in-person and on-line content, live from a Trade Event

Morden Wolf's fully crewed Virtual Production Broadcast Studio has the capability to be installed in any 10m x 10m and above venue space.

Incorporating up to 4 cameras, CGI Engine, teleprompters and vision mixing gallery, we can deploy the hardware within 24 hours prior to the event, run rehearsals, film segues, build CGI studios, train presenters and technicians, Zoom-in, Beam-in speakers or Q&As from viewers, as well as fully produce the on-line experience.

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