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The world of filmmaking, broadcasting, content creation and on-line events is changing... massively.

The concept of the Metaverse is accelerating the advances in Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Camera Tracking, Intelligent Back Screens, Blockchain, Machine Learning and PC Processing Power. These advancements combined with a platform initially built for gaming, has resulted in all the preconceptions of high cost, low speed and production complexity of content creation being wholly disrupted. 

Why consider Virtual Production?

In simple terms, Virtual Production allows content creators to point, shoot and record or broadcast live action within the Metaverse.

Creating great content, even via web cam or a smart phone, takes time.

While the creative ideas can be free flowing, the cost of developing those ideas exponentially increases as the required production value increases.

However, using Virtual Production, either for all or part of the production workflow, allows for a level of production flexibility, adaptability and contingency as never seen before. 

Resulting in an agile, flexible and significant cost savings solution.

Often considered cost prohibitive when using large LED Volumes, the huge advances recently with set extensions for XR stages, but also when compositing live with a cyclorama chromakey stage.

Morden Wolf​

We have an 'agile' approach to Virtual Production, focusing on flexibility and speed of production. 

For filmographic productions, we can typically shoot 80 plus takes a day in multiple Metaverse locations, and deliver rough cuts within minutes of wrap. We can replace an entire film's CGI background in hours - all while maintaining quality and tech specifications requested. 

For multiple camera broadcast productions, we can record or broadcast live from our studio or an external venue, utilising our fully operational studio gallery and team.

You don't know, what you don't know? 

Whether you are filmmaker, producer, social media influencer, advertising creative, events director or from corporate communications, there are huge opportunities to use the Metaverse as a location. 

However, it is very likely you are unaware of all the possibilities. 

Our team are more than happy to talk you through the benefits specific to your area.

Need hands on experience to see what it can do? 

We have a range of training programmes for all levels and roles. From Event Professionals to Film Directors to Graduates of Film School. 

Ready to use Virtual Production for the first time? 

We have a 'Plug and Play' system for filmographic or multi-cam live broadcasting scenarios included in our studio hire including the technicians to operate it.

Fully versed with Virtual Production and looking for alternative studios?

We wet hire the Virtual Production equipment either at our studio in London, or we can relocate it into a suitable studio, venue or location. This can be a huge advantage when considering talent availability, crew travel and CO2 considerations.