The new normal of
filming, broadcast and events

We are the full-services Virtual Production agency for the
broadcast, film and events in the new normal.

Using the latest film and broadcast technology and innovative workflows, we enable
creators of all sizes to produce entertaining, engaging and entertaining content.


What is the new normal?

The BBC has created a great Behind the Scenes film to explain how their virtual production Olympics studio worked.

An amazing and brave collaboration between BBC Sports and Moov, it is the perfect showcase of the possibilities that virtual production can bring to broadcasting of all sizes. 

With the lightening development of the gaming technology, computing processing power and camera tracking it won't be too long before this level of production will be accessible to the majority of content producers. 

What is the Virtual Production?

If you are an events director, a creative agency, VP of Engagement, top league sports club, or a script writer needing to put together a proposal, it is likely your biggest challenge is to create world class engaging and entertaining content within the resources available. 

What we do know is that there is a large gap between the technologies available. At one end there are web cameras, smart phones and entry level filming kit. At the other end there are fully functional broadcast and film studios capable of producing incredibly high-quality output.

However, recently with the changing world, a new option has emerged. 

Film Set
Film Equipment

Who can use Virtual Production?

Specifically targeted at a number of client types, the stage has a multitude of uses. For example:


Creative Agencies

Ads can now be shot in a single location - all that's needed is a variety of scenes to place your talent anywhere around the world. Using a virtual environment you can pitch to anyone, anywhere, in a highly personalised and engaging way.

Small-Scale Live Broadcast Media

Great sports clubs have an incredibly loyal fan base who would like nothing more than their own channel to tune into. Offer them interviews with players, managers in a ‘news desk’ environment - or even fly in player and game stats to engage with the viewers.

Enablement and Training

Highly engaging ways to keep focus and attention while enabling teams.


From an agency, event owner, speaker or sponsor perspective, the number one priority is to create and broadcast engaging and informative content. Imagine an event which has a newsroom reel - intertwined with panel discussions, entertainment and even ad-breaks... every Virtual Stage+ event stands head and shoulders above any webcam feed.

Social Media Influencers

With the prevalence of the vlog format, creating an environment which stands out from the crowd is key. The virtual space in which talent is placed can include graphics or even an environment related to the vlog content. Gaming, beauty, fashion... all of these spaces can be simply recreated in a 3D model with the talent in the centre.

Individual Engagement

Whether they be clients, prospects, donors or peers, having a low cost way to create immersive impact is key. It's difficult to stand out from all the other video calls… until now.

Virtual Production Studio
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Why use Virtual Production?

With its small footprint, mobility and reduced core team, creating content using the Virtual Production is a fraction of the cost of a comparable location shoot or live studio broadcast.


What makes Morden Wolf's Virtual Stage unique is that the entire workflow has been streamlined by our partner Mo-Sys. Mo-Sys are global leaders in creating original and highly sophisticated camera technology products for film and broadcast. These technologies have been empowering high-quality AR, VR and virtual production for over 20 years and have a proven track record.

Video Camera

Why Morden Wolf?

We have partnered with cutting-edge technology providers Mo-Sys, and film production company Blue Canary Films, to enable a broad and flexible range of solutions to cover the majority of needs.


Our Mission is focused on bringing Virtual Production to all content creators; movie makers, broadcasters, social media creators, businesses and the creative industry in an affordable and accessible way. Our technology delivers the speed, cost and quality the vast majority of content producers require. 

Our Values are:

  • Trust - with our customers, partners and employees

  • Disruption - always pushing forward and questioning the status quo

  • Ethical - to people and the world around us - aligning solidly behind SDG 13 - Climate Action


Our Services:

Fully Serviced Production

Either in our own South London studio, existing green screen/LED studios or temporary green stages, this is the turnkey solution where your team only needs to brief us with your objectives and ideas. Morden Wolf will then manage the virtual environment, production, filming and editing.

Virtual Production Unit Hire

Based on the production specifications, we can supply a fully operational VP studio with or without filming crew, or supply of the core unit with VP operators to a studio or venue of your choice. 

Virtual Production Consultancy

We are fully aware that Virtual Production is a challenging to utilise, so we are more than happy to guide your productions through the unfamiliar workflows, so ironing out any unforeseen challenges before they impact a production.


Virtual Stage+ - Supply, Training and Support

For certain organisations, the choice of a short or long term lease or fully acquiring the stage would be their preferred option. This allows for in-house teams to become fully trained and supported on the system as part of the package.


The Virtual Stage+ comprises of everything an organisation needs to create and publish high quality film and broadcast.

When we say everything, we mean it! 

All you need is an appropriate space, high-speed internet and standard power.

We will supply the rest, together with training, first-line support and access to our community support forum.

Typically this option is for: 

  • Companies utilising it for flexible and high volume executive experiences, innovation briefings, internal town halls, content, on-site events and keynotes

  • Events, Creative, PR or Social Media agencies who want to take client content channels to the next level

Film Set
Woman with Camera


How much space and which services are required for the Virtual Stage+?

The entire set studio set-up can comfortably fit in a 9m sq space, it is fully mobile and fully staffed by two or three trained technicians who will quickly bring your vision to life. All that's needed is a high speed broadband connection (if broadcast is required), power and a head height of approx 4m and above.

What is the Carbon Footprint when using the Virtual Stage+ vs a traditional shoot or LED volume?

Our pledge is to become carbon neutral by 2022, carbon negative by 2023 and by 2025 not only Morden Wolf but our employees, their families and homes carbon neutral.

Our technology by nature has the ability (using green screen materials and low power equipment) to be the lowest consumer of power in the film and broadcasting industry. 

Fully utilising this technology, will inevitably help our world meet its reliance on fossil fuels.


What hardware is included with the system?

The main unit is around 1m x 1m x 1.5m - this houses the majority of the workflow hardware: render units, video hub, recorders and a broadcast unit. The three cameras are equipped with Mo-Sys StarTrackers which are non-invasive, and standard audio is via lapel mics. 

We will additionally supply a green screen bespoke to the size required (T&Cs apply), and all the ancillary equipment to deliver a fully operational studio 'out-of-the-box'.


What crew size is required for the stage?

A very simple three camera production can be delivered with a crew of three, while more complex shoots will require a more traditional crew set up.


What is a virtual environment?

The workflow tech choice is an industry leader in 3D virtual environments, with global support and designers. When a 3D environment is created, the cameras can be placed wherever the director would like them - in a cafe, a meeting room, or even a forest. So scenes can be as creative, lifelike (or not) and bespoke as you would like them to be. Creating virtual environments can be quick and easy, but they shouldn’t be underestimated. It is advised your designers work with Morden Wolf to ensure the correct protocols, constraints and formats are considered from the start.


How long is a typical shoot and what is the end product?

A shoot setup will normally take a day, especially if in a shell space environment. At the Morden Wolf Studio most setups take half a day, but we prefer to prep the day before. With ‘final pixel’ being a key part of the workflow - allowing for live broadcast - the need for post production is greatly reduced, producing another potential cost-saving. 

However, the technology allows for composite, matte and key plates to be delivered separately, together with audio.


Typically, a well prepared shoot can deliver up to 4hrs of footage or broadcast from a days shoot.


How easy is it to use an LED Studio?

We have to date, only used the Virtual Stage+ with green screens. However, we are looking to start testing on LED stages in the near future.


How does it all work?

Now that would be telling… if you’d like to know more about that, drop us a line and book in a demo - live or virtual.

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Rob Chandler

Rob Chandler

With over 25 years experience working for tech companies including Salesforce, Microsoft, Palm, Epson and Psion, Rob has broad experience in all areas of marketing including large-scale events and film making.

Rob is known for never accepting the status quo as the norm, always questioning, exploring and evolving how to deliver cutting-edge impact.

Clive Howard

Clive Howard

With over 30 years experience in the film industry - from visual effects to film director - Clive brings a unique set of skills to Morden Wolf which if he finds you, he will show you.



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Blue Canary Films

Blue Canary are famous for their film Slava’s Journey and have been making high-end film and documentary for over 30 years.

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Specialising in camera tracking, broadcast robotics and remote camera systems, their customers are a who's who of the broadcast world.



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