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Virtual production for filmmaking

As filmmakers, the first priority is to tell the story in the best possible way 


Whether an indie director, producer, writer, or part of a large team, you’ll be fully aware that the finished film will always need to be produced to the budget available. As a result, the predictability of costs becomes a major part of the production process.


Virtual production can eliminate a great deal of the unpredictability of the art.


At Morden Wolf we take an agile approach to virtual production, where speed and quality are the priority. Our 'plug and play' studio package means it’s possible to be ready to shoot within minutes, while our system wet hire option affords for set-up at a location or studio of your choice, supporting talent availability and reducing crew travel.


With this in mind, we routinely:

  • Produce 80+ takes a day

  • Supply a rough edit within minutes of wrap

  • Replace an entire film's CGI plate in a matter of days


While this approach may not suit all productions, there are clear advantages and opportunities in other areas of the filmmaking process.


Scripts that would benefit greatly to be visualised to help secure backing.​



Taking the imagination out of shot set-ups:

  • Shot and sequence planning can take place within a CGI version of a location

  • Directors, actors, producers and directors of photography can approve, experience and interact with scenes and sets before construction

  • Set development and adjustment take place without expensive physical modelling

  • On-set live visualisation of each take to cast and crew

  • On-set adjustments to CGI: time of day, lighting, prop and scene movement.


Allowing for the physics, space and interactions of a complex scene to be tested prior to being on set and before cast and crew call-time. That means:

  • Camera positioning, data or lenses can be fully explored

  • Physicality of a space can be tested for flow, feasibility and safety


Final pixel:

The ideal use of this innovative technology is to point and shoot with as little post-production as possible. While the technology is developing at an incredible rate, final pixel is very achievable.

  • Record as live from within a CGI environment, incorporating real-time VFX compositing in processor as 'what you see, is what you get'

  • The instant availability of rushes results in real-time playback and on-set rough editing 


NearTime rendering:

Scheduling shoots around the availability of final CGI is a big challenge. Delays or ‘after the fact’ updates are a very real risk that can impact production costs. .

This, combined with the technical challenges of complex CGI and on-set processing power can be limiting to a final pixel aspiration. 


However, using cloud rendering of the CGI 'NearTime'. That means:

  • High quality CGI can be rendered directly after a take or at a later date,  maintaining all camera positioning and movement, as well as lens zoom and focus data with CGI VFX

  • 'After the fact' CGI changes can be simply re-rendered with no costly post requirements​

  • A proxy CGI being used on-set, reducing the on-set processing power requirement

Second Unit:

B-roll, pick-ups, call-backs and establishing shots can take place in a managed and suitable environment – no need to hold expensive locations or studios or to recreate weather conditions.


Any number of virtual locations can be shot on from a single studio, reducing time and travel costs. 

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