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For Content Creators

If there's one priority when creating content, it has to be entertaining

Video content creation from within the Metaverse will soon be ubiquitous for communities, tribes and commercial businesses.

Whether a fashion influencer presenting a new seasons line, a technologist creating a tech demo or a company's spokesperson making an announcement, content is produced.


But the challenges all creators are facing, are the expectations of production quality, the high speed of idea-to-post and the cost-per-post.


There is a huge divide between the low production value, low cost and high speed that web cameras and smart phones provide, and the high production values, high cost and low speed which traditional video production provides.

Morden Wolf crosses that divide.

Due to the nature of Morden Wolf's 'agile' workflow and 'turnkey' studio hire, it is possible for a creator to book studio use by the hour. This allows creators the immediacy of the point and shoot kind within the Metaverse, without having to commit to an entire days studio hire or expensive post production.

After a presenter becomes fully familiar with the studio and has a working Metaverse environment, it is entirely possible to capture over as hour's content in a two hour booking. The majority of the time spent is in front of the camera and not with complex studio set ups.


This type of production is perfect for:

  • Social Creators who want to move away from the webcam and smart phone format

  • Press tours, where talent can be places within a relevant Metaverse with interviewers in separate locations

  • Music Videos with challenging creative treatments

  • Technology demos which need to be engaging and involve additional inputs such as videos, computer screens or slides

  • Training that requires engagement over long periods

  • Company Presentations: live or recorded

    • C-Suite Internal or External Announcements

    • Exec Customer Briefings

    • Elevated Event Session 

    • High Value Prospect Presentations

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