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TV & Film

Born out of the TV & Film industry, virtual production has recently gone through a technological levelling. Now VP stages can be set up using off-the-shelf equipment, resulting in the accessibility of kit to the leanest of productions.

With an innovative approach, directors, DoPs, designers, producers and crew now have considerable options when it comes to filming. No longer do all the shots need to be on location or on a purpose-built set. Consider that over 80% of shots are mids or closer. The option to shoot on a VP stage is incredibly compelling. Call-backs can all be achieved very simply and quickly, while sustainability credentials are simpler to achieve when a significant percentage of the film is shot in a single studio with virtual locations.

Further innovations, such as AI, VR, location scanning, live performance capture and on-set previs, allow for unheard of efficiencies to be driven into a production, exceeding productivity expectations.

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