It is no secret that the events industry has been keen to accommodate remote attendees in their live events. That is no longer the case.  The challenge now is how to integrate live events with virtual ones. 

​With online events becoming the norm, attendees, event owners, speakers and sponsors will also demand dynamic programmes to excite and entertain.

Traditionally, streaming costs have been highly prohibitive for most; while the live broadcast format can be a simple and lazy solution. To improve on this not only did an events team need to orchestrate an in-person event, they needed to build an online event in tandem, requiring a very different approach and duplication of workload.

However, with the advancement of virtual production methods and workflows, previously inaccessible techniques can now be utilised for events large and small.

Reimagine events

Why Morden Wolf?

It's a matter of approach, available technology and developing new workflows.


Morden Wolf's approach to the 'new normal' for the events industry is to combine proven technology from the broadcast world and to reinvent workflows.  This allows content to be recorded or broadcast live, not only in greater volume and with more speed than previously but also for a fraction of the cost.

With LED or green screen studios incorporating camera tracking and virtual production, event speakers can now be placed within any environment - from their home or office to a Himalayan mountain.  This can be delivered with little compromise in the quality delivered by a traditional multi-camera broadcast studio.


Morden Wolf's Virtual Stage+ is fully mobile, which enables the live broadcast of keynotes from the event itself whilst enveloping the speaker with a virtual scene for online viewers.   The entire event can be simultaneously recorded to final pixel, eliminating the need for costly post-production.  Morden Wolf's solution creates a distinct and separate experience from the in-person one, creating the one thing all audiences want - Delight.  

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