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Technical Training

A wide range of training services are available from Morden Wolf. Ranging from bespoke one-to-one training sessions through to introductory workshops

Bespoke technical training options include: 

  • Camera Tracking Technician - Includes: Set up and on-set installation of Mo-Sys StarTracker, Lens File configuration and Tracking calibration prior to a shoot

  • Virtual Production Technician -  On-set technician responsible for advising cinematographers on Virtual Production, rapid fault finding and fixing of camera, tracking and integration with UE Mo-Sys VPPro Plug-in

  • Virtual Production Operator - On-set operator of UE Brain Bar using Mo-Sys VPPro in all configurations, recording and re-rendering CGI

  • Virtual Production UE Artist - On or Off-set UE Artist, focused on Virtual Production configuration and optimisation 

For further details please enquire here

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