Studio Hire

Due to the flexibility, convenience and agility of the Metaverse when used in conjunction with Live Action, it is challenging to obtain an idea of the cost of production vs a traditional shoot.


The price guide below tries to help with a variety of scenarios which will fit the majority of filmographic, video, streaming and short form media content.

The main benefits are:

  • Short form video can be produced without the need of a full day's production

  • Shooting in a variety of settings and locations without leaving a studio

  • Huge reduction in CO2

  • VFX sets the time of day, type of weather and removes environmental issues, such as aeroplane noise, traffic etc

  • The day's camera positions can be pre-programmed within the CGI, resulting in set changes taking just seconds

  • Updated CGI can be re-composed in mins, reducing post production significantly

  • Multi-camera mode creates a dynamic broadcast studio output, recorded or streamed live, simply and easily

  • With small crews, unfamiliar talent feel far less pressured

Dry Hire

From £450+VAT per day

Wet Hire

Basic - From GBP£500+VAT  

Presentations, recorded simple demos, simple Social Media content, recorded auditions, training introductions


Standard - From GBP£750+VAT

Short live streamed presentations, Live Pitching, Long form (30min+) presentations, Multiple presentations, High Production Values, Simple Training


Professional - From GBP£1000+VAT

Live Keynote Presentations, Company Announcements, Simple Company Town Halls, Music Videos, Fashion Shoots, Simple Advertising, Volume of Social Creative


Full Production - POA

Full Film, Video and Event Productions, Very detailed or high volume training or presentations, Music Videos requiring post production VFX 

Technology included:

x3 Blackmagic Design Ursa Mini 4.6k

Mo-Sys StarTracker

Realtime Render Engine - Realtime cutting, or per camera

Blackmagic Design Ultimatte 12

Lighting Rig