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For Creative Agencies

Client Teams must inspire and compel

The challenges over the past two years have resulted in an obvious problem for creative agencies.

How to pitch a creative response to a client without being in the room?

While presentations via a streamed meeting were a suitable fix during recent times, now as we emerge to the new normal of less travel and more home working, how can you convey the creative treatment without being in the room?


With Morden Wolf's 'agile' Virtual Production Broadcast, turn-key solution, it is now possible to not only present from within an agencies or clients branded studio, but also from within the creative treatments Metaverse.


This approach will enable a client to see exactly what only a traditional 2D presentation can allure to.


For example:

  • New Retail Fit Outs: Present from within any number of new stores.
    Even have changes made in real-time

  • OOH: Demonstrate how high value placement will look in live environment, including traffic and pedestrians

  • TV ads: With PreVis, low-fi versions of ads can be created in relatively short time, with varying versions of the environment, sets or locations.

  • Product Placement: Present within a supermarket with the new packaging on the shelf

Successful Creative Teams will always embrace the new

It has always been the case that creativity is constrained by the budget available, and traditionally film production has been seen as out of the reach for most clients.


With Morden Wolf's agile approach, using LED Volume or Live Chroma Key Virtual Production allows for multiple location shoots to take place in a single studio. While keeping post production to a minimum.


It even allows for live editing of the CGI scene on set or post shoot changes to be rerendered relatively inexpensively.

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