Case Studies

It's important that you don't just get your information from us, but also directly from our customers and their successes. 


Coty brands help people to look and feel great.

But with 77 big names in its portfolio, the company needed to get 500 global marketers looking sharp and feeling great about brand equity.

In partnership with Ideas & Impact, Coty launched a four-part eLearning programme filmed with
Morden Wolf.

The result?

Authentic training that packs a punch from a
Coty-branded eLearning centre.


Cudos is all about powering the metaverse, so where better to announce the launch of its blockchain than from its very own virtual world? With virtual production from Morden Wolf, even a time-pressed CEO and tight deadline couldn’t stop the team from creating powerful, engaging content that’s making waves with the developer community.