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Produce content from anywhere

The biggest challenge for organisations is the ability to create a volume of content that is both compelling and affordable.

While flexibility and convenience is key, so not placing unnecessary demands on executives while allowing messaging and announcements to dictate production, not the other way around.


Generally, there are three content production options:

  • web cameras or a smart phone

  • a film production

  • or just not making content (as the production value or the budget is unachievable) 

Virtual Production changes that

With virtual production this now all changes, and for high value communications, where traditional production budgets aren’t appropriate, the technology to produce or live stream highly engaging broadcast is now very accessible and affordable.  Thus producing incredibly engaging, entertaining and educational content, keeping viewers' attention to their screens.

While this new technology workflow allows for film production flexibility, performers to create music videos, press tours to stream around the world and social creators to break free of the bounds of their studios, for organisations, the adoption of this disruptive technology is a game changer. Just consider:


Company announcements having the kudos of an appropriate location 

  • CEO's can present from a photo realistic virtual retail outlet in Tokyo, a boardroom in Berlin or a production plant in Brazil, without having to leave their home city


Engaging sales, creative or technology pitching is very challenging within an on-line meeting environment

  • Consider the impact a treatment was pitched from within the actual creative 

  • Utilising Visual Effects instead of Presentations Slides

  • Elevate a pitch from within a branded studio


While a typical live or recorded tech demo is at home within a screen capture environment, bringing it to life in the subject environment is truly compelling

  • having a demo interspersed with user interactions to contextualise the demo

  • including vision mixed assets: lower third titles, stingers, VTs, opening titles, closing credits with clear Call-to-Actions 


Cost per minute of any corporate video makes the vast majority of content ideas unfeasible, leading to frustration or worse under produced film

  • multiple virtual locations, creative concepts, sets and presenters take place at the same studio within the same day, resulting in a volume and quality of content previously impossible

Due to the volume required for compelling training videos, having low production values results in severely reduced audience attention and engagement

  • live vision mixing, combined with the Augmented Reality of products and parts makes it very easy to replicate a broadcast methodology to continually draw in the viewer, increasing retention and recall of critical information

Streamed internal townhalls, on-line and hybrid events being commonplace due to disparate audiences, however, adopting an event workflow instead of a broadcast one, generally results in low engagement and dissatisfaction

  • present events from within any number of branded broadcast studio scenarios

  • replicating studio broadcasting methods with: features, interviews, competitions, ad breaks, films (VTs) - thus leveraging the ‘muscle memory’ all TV viewers have

Product launches have become scarce, not always because of their priority to an organisation, but generally because the return on the investment compared with other marketing activities is low

  • with ‘by the hour’ studio hire options, short form live or recorded launches don't impact budgets, while executives aren't out of the business any more then needed

With live events taking place all over the world, key speakers maybe unable or unwilling to travel long distances, as a result presenting in front of a webcam is the only option, however it doesn't project the kudos keynote presentations deserve, leading to drastic compromises

  • streaming from an CGI studio local to the speaker is now possible, even branded to the event or sponsor

  • 'beaming-in' for remote teleportation into a studio environment allows for the speaker to appear as if they are in a studio

Social media content for brands ideally has a very short creative cycle to keep topical, use appropriate and cost effective. However, typically creating social content or ads is costly and slow to produce

  • Half day VP studio hire allows for a huge variety of content, locations, formats, styles etc, to be shot. 

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