Our Mission

"To make virtual production accessible to every content producer on Earth by nurturing skills, building technology and inspiring creativity."

Rob Chandler

CEO and Founder

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Why Morden Wolf?

We have partnered with cutting-edge technology providers Mo-Sys, and film production company Blue Canary Films, to enable a broad and flexible range of solutions to cover the majority of needs.


Our Mission is focused on bringing Virtual Production to all content creators; movie makers, broadcasters, social media creators, businesses and the creative industry in an affordable and accessible way. Our technology delivers the speed, cost and quality the vast majority of content producers require. 

Our Values:

#1 Trust - with our customers, partners and employees

#2 Disruption - always pushing forward and questioning the status quo

#3 Ethical - to people and the world around us
- aligning solidly behind SDG 13 - Climate Action


We are democratising access to creative technology without limiting creative freedom. We earn the trust of the creative community by delivering virtual production in an open, reliable and relatable way.



We are in tune with the disruptive forces of technology driving change in film-making and content production. From startup to studio, we understand that being disruptive is a belief and approach, always pushing forward, always changing, never afraid to fail on the path to creative success.


Our impact on everyone and everything is core. Equality, fairness and the sustainability of the work we and our creative partners do. These are values that run deep and are considered in every decision we make.

Our Pledge

From the outset, we will trust you, break bread with you and welcome you in to our home. 

We will strive to push for innovation to make you and your customers a success in all you do.

We will treat all people as equals, with fairness and promote a sustainable approach to our environmental impact - at work, for our partners, customers and employees.

By 2025 we aim to not only be carbon negative, but work with carbon negative partners and clients. While creating a space for our employees, their families and homes to have as little impact on the environment as possible.